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Accommodation Fees

The conference staff has booked the accommodation for all the 110 participants.

Accommodation fees (to be paid at the conference venue in Cargèse by credit card):
– Package for single room (6 nights) + lunches : 346,83 Euros in total (flat rate)
– Double room (to share, 6 nights) + lunches: 285,57 Euros in total (flat rate)
– Hotel room: approx. 80 Euros/night; lunches for all week (flat rate): 74.25 Euros
  (note that Hotel room bill is to be paid at the hotel)

Note: Rooms at the Venue, at “Roc e Mare” and in shared apartments have the same rates

Note: there are no registration fees. The rental of the conference facility, the conference banquet and cocktail, the organized shuttle service and other logistical costs are paid via a grant of the organizing committee chair.

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