Quantum Fluids of Light and Matter

About the Conference

The 2017 Conference Quantum Fluids of Light and Matter (QFLM 2017) was succesfully held in Cargèse (see conference group picture below).


This emerging and exciting field is relevant for a broad platform of systems with sizeable and controllable photon-photon interactions, including solid-state nonlinear optical microstructures, superconducting quantum circuits, opto-mechanical resonators and atomic cavity QED networks. The goal of QFLM 2017 is to bridge and enhance interactions with the more traditional many-body physics of ultracold atomic gases, mesoscopic electronic systems and strongly correlated materials. The first edition of this meeting was held in 2015 at the ECT* center near Trento, Italy. This was followed by a joint school and workshop with similar focus in Chania, Greece in 2016.

Conference email for more information: qflm2017ATgmail.com